The following error occured while sending email notification: /”execution expired/”.等,“ EmailConfiguration ”里的标配都有。”或者直接把插件内容放到 lib 中然后修改 emvironment.rb ;分别试了上面两种方式,加上 email.yml 中各个“可疑”参数的排列组合后进行一系列的尝试工,提示还是犹如“磐石”般泰然处之,但我却黔驴技穷了。,回头温习了一下 rails 的发邮件例子,了解到一个重要的信息: ruby(1.8.7) 、 rails(2.3.x) 上已经集成 tls 功能了,不需要加什么插件之类的。”插件,也不要把与这插件类似的功能加到 lib 和 emvironment.rb 里,然后再详细配置好 email.yml ,不过可惜的是,结果还是跟之前一样糟糕。4) 第三种尝试:使用 redmine 发不成邮件,那先自己发一个试试呗。来向 user 发送一封邮件。有了这个方法,测试轻松多了。6) 经过上面尝试后,很明显问题的根源是与 hostmonster 有关,而不是与配置有关。发个 ticket 向 Hostmonster 咨询之后,回复是:“ Unfortunately, we do not allow outbound SMTP connections as you are trying to do with this script.I’m sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.


Hostmonster主机国内用户非常多,这当然有其中的原因。下面我就简要的介绍一下Hostmonster的特点和为什么受欢迎的原因。也许你并不知道,Hostmonster和Bluehost其 实属于同一个公司,这是一种市场细分策略,就像宝洁洗发水有飘然、潘婷、海飞丝等不同的品牌一样。这两个主机同属于一个数据中心,访问速度和 Bluehost没有区别,但是HostMonster提供简体中文控制面板,这对于英文不好的站长是有帮助的。Hostmonster的价格便宜一点, 每月5.95美元,比Bluehost便宜1美元/月。

Spamming, whether or not it overloads the Services or disrupts service to HostMonster.滥发,而不论是否超载的服务或扰乱服务HostMonster。2. I basically thought the Mage class went from something controlled and creative to endless spamming of instant random damage.我基本上认为,法师类的东西,从控制和创造性,以无休止的垃圾邮件的即时随机损害。3. If all goes well and both hellspawns are killed the evacuation starts.If the evacuation point is closer to the team than the docks (bottom-right corner) then the team must head there.Once mrit is temporarily dead (it’s likely to revive) the team moves out.Sticking together and spamming all shotguns is essential as all sorts of dogs come charging in.If the docks are nearer, then the team heads to the docks, and after the 5 minute timer has expired, they can be evacuated by the arriving submarine.

4. Although spamming is only one of the many invasions of privacy on my computer and although this new legislation has been too long in coming, I have to admit I’m quite relieved to see help is on the way.虽然滥发只是其中的许多电脑、侵犯隐私我虽然这项新法例已经太久难产我必须承认我比较欣慰的是帮助。5. It was spamming of a seditious nature.这是一种煽动和破坏行为!6. So even while spamming Devastate, the frequency at which you can use Heroic Strike will still have the largest impact on your DPS and threat generation (which is the reason why fast weapons were always better for tanking in the first place).7. In addition, telemarketers would be required to purchase a list from the Attorney-General’s office of those who have opted out of spamming.

此外,电信厂商将必须从州检察总长办公室购买不愿接受打扰的居民名单。8. XSS worms will become increasingly intelligent and highly capable of carrying out dilapidating attacks such as widespread network denial of service attacks, spamming and mail attacks, and rampant browser exploits.跨站脚本蠕虫将变得越来越聪明,开展这种服务攻击,垃圾邮件攻击和拒绝破损广泛的网络攻击的能力,以及猖獗的浏览器攻击。9. Disc priest spamming shields and dispells/mass dispel constantly, should also try and keep tank crit buffed and aid healing when needed.戒律牧师给团队丢盾不断的丢驱散,同时尽量保持坦克身上的灵感,需要的时候也治疗坦克。10. I don`t see why it`s called `spamming`.我不明白为什么它的所谓’滥发’。