Dear ***,

We’re pleased to inform you that we will begin upgrading your account,
and all associated subdomains, to a new hosting server within the next
48 hours.

This upgrade requires that we take your websites offline for a short
period of time to complete the transfer. Anticipated downtime is
between 1-2 hours; to help reduce the visibility of this outage, your
account will be moved during the early morning hours (MST).
Additionally, we will be required to change your website’s IP address;

In order to facilitate the smoothest transition possible, we’ll be
updating your DNS entries automatically during the transfer, and will
make the website accessible at the previous IP address for
approximately one week after the upgrade completes. Should you be
managing your own DNS, (less common) your new IP address will be
provided in a separate email post-upgrade. To provide a seamless
upgrade process, your website will continue to be available at the
previous IP address for approximately one week. However, we suggest
updating your DNS entries immediately to verify proper functionality
for your hosted domain(s).

Please do not hesitate to contact our Support department if you have
any questions about this process.



Dear ***,

The upgrade of your account, and all associated subdomains, to a new
server has completed successfully. Your website(s) are now hosted at
a new location, with the following IP address; please keep this for
your records.


If you are managing your own DNS entries for your domains, not common,
please update them now.

Like the previous email mentioned, your website is still available at
the old IP address, and will remain available for approximately one

While no data loss was encountered during the upgrade, we suggest you
browse through all your hosted domain(s) to verify that they are
functioning properly. Additionally, note that this process required a
change in server timezones, from Central Daylight Time (GMT -5) to
Mountain Daylight Time (GMT -6). Any automated tasks you have may
require adjustment to trigger them at the desired intervals.

Lastly, this upgrade included several software upgrades and changes.
The most noteworthy being a new Domain Manager, a new Billing
interface, and the more robust SimpleScripts, which replaces
Fantastico. You can directly import your Fantastico installed
software to SimpleScripts, which will manage the installations and
upgrades as Fantastico did.

If you have any questions about your account post-upgrade, or
experience any trouble at all, please do not hesitate to contact our
Support Department.



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